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A platform to design and automate transactions between smart devices

IONChain concept
In 1887, the famous Swedish physicist Arrhenius proposed the theory of ionization. He stated that just like molecules and atoms, ions are also the basic particles of matter. Just like ions in physics, IONChain aims to become the underlying particle in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Through their IONChain Protocol, IONChain will serve as the link between IoT devices, supporting decentralized peer-to-peer application interaction between devices.

Every device is a mining machine

 In the IONChain ecosystem every IoT device that provides valuable data can act as a mining machine. Once connected to the IONChain network, a device will constantly contribute its calculative power via the Ionization Algorithm and in turn, receive IONC tokens as mining reward. IONChain has created a unique consensus algorithm to determine the value contributed by IoT devices. A device’s contribution is jointly determined by the Data Quality Proof Consensus and Time Lapse Proof Consensus. This consensus mechanism will consider a devices’ function, data quality and quantity in calculating its contribution. Out of this analysis, the number of IONC token distributed to them as a reward can be determined.

One device, one code, one coin

At IONChain we will implement the following core concept called “One device, one code, one coin”. In this concept “Device” stands for the IoT devices participating in the IONChain ecosystem, “Coin” stands for the cryptocurrency IONC. “Code” is the unique identification code which can also be used as a wallet for these IoT devices inside the IONChain network.


16-year experience of consulting and system architecture.
Technology team management experience with over 300 employees.
Former CTO of ZhiWang Fintech, Founder of Vonechain Blockchain and IoT systems.
Former senior director of Accenture.
Integrated Technology expert, designed integration solutions for Huawei, China Mobile, SAIC and so on.
Senior blockchain lecturer for MA courses at Fudan University.
MBA of East China Normal University.


So Cheer Kwek
Chief Information Officer at Wilmar International

Join Us and Build IONChain Together

The IONChain Foundation

The IONChain Foundation is a non-profit foundation operating in Singapore since the beginning of 2018. The foundation holds firm to the vision that our future society will be more connected and interactive. The foundation funds the IONChain Research Center, whose main task is to research new technological advancements to improve IoT connectedness. IONChain Foundation it is currently developing IONChain, a public blockchain that will be used in combination with IoT technology. IONChain aims to solve a wide range of problems with current IoT networks in terms of data security, data circulation, data sharing, and data transactions, thus enhancing the efficiency of the whole IoT ecosystem. The IONChain Foundation will supervise the development of IONChain and its industrial application. It will also regulate the valuation of IoT data at the initial stage, the community voting mechanism of IoT data valuation at the later stage, as well as the circulation of coins in the IONChain ecosystem. These tasks will be carried out in such a way that the IONChain ecosystem can quickly evolve into an autonomous entity which operates without human interference.

The IONChain Foundation duties&responsibilities;

The IONChain Foundation is a not-for-profit oriented entity whose primary duty is to
govern the ecosystem of IONChain. These duties include:
Admission of IoT devices into the IONChain
Establishing the basic rules of IoT data transferability
Facilitating the economy of IoT data trading
Establishing the regulations for IONChain community’s voting mechanisms for data
value verification
IoT research
DAPP development
Industry partnerships

Being is value. Every Device is a Mining Machine.

IONChain aims to build an Internet of Value by bringing Internet of Things together in one place. In the IONChain network, every IoT device can be a mining machine. IONChain will serve as an underlying infrastructure platform on which all IoT devices can contribute data, quantify its value and then exchange it for IONC coins. IONChain introduces the concept of “One Device, One Code, One Coin” which facilitates the integration of IoT devices with the IONChain network. With the use of Edge Computing technology every device on the IoT network can be utilized as a mining machine, making every IoT device that uses IONChain subject to mining rewards. Owing to the use of blockchain technology, the data source will always be reliable and verifiable on the IONChain network. Furthermore, the value of the data is quantified and data transfers are fast and secured. This makes it easier for IoT standards to emerge, unlocks a plethora of new IoT application scenarios and boosts the whole industry to enter the next level of development.In the future, there will be more and more devices with “IONChain Connected” sticker for easy identification of their data mining capacity.





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